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27 March 2009 @ 01:13 am
I'll update tomorrow with normal stuff. ;DDDD

One Piece (heavy)Pics,rants,thoughts and fangirling.

First of all;
Iwa-San is the funnest thing ever to happen to One Piece. I really lol'd on this week's chapter.~ And the colour scan is just beautiful ;u; I really love group pictures. I even get a little down if there's a missing member in the old colour scans  heheh. *thumbsup to this week's chapter*

ATM I've been checking out One Piece unlimited Cruise 1 &2 they look too cool. D: My sister's been poking around my pop to see if he'll buy us a wii and I think he's starting to crack,tee hee. Nonetheless I've been watching oldies and My sister and I are about to enter the grand fights between the CP9. Blueno is down and it feels as if I'm watching these episodes for the first time,heh.

Also, I got a chance to hear the new improved Bink's Sake- I'm sure lots of folks are relieved not to hear the ripped version from the anime and hearing Lola go "LOL BINK'S SONG WE GOTTA SING-YAAAYYY" And then the sound effects of people dying in the background,hahaha. I know I am! xD;
I love this new one. Adding drums made me think of Usopp as a background player, and hearing the strawhats screaming happily in the back. Ahh~ Just a great tune. Worth the wait. >:']b

Also ONE THOUSAND DREAMERS...WITH BROOK. I was so happy~ Although...there isn't much of difference but you hear him in the distant giving those extra high notes and then he got louder in the ending. Ah well it was great none the less, one of my favourite songs,really. :]] GOOD TO HEAR YOU BROOK, Yohohoho.~

Besides that, I've been so bored and been doodling away on the Oekaki board. D| Gahhh I suppose I'll throw them here. Just so then folks don't have to bee checking up on my board. It gets full of messy W.I.P's so I wouldn't want folks comming over xD; I get real embaressed. Kinda like showing a messy room towards strangers,heh.
Then again a dump isn't exactly the most orginized thing, now izzit?

300x300 doodle things

C-crap. I draw too much, dont I :C I'm worried how the hecks I'll update DA when I go back...

Group shots

Cheesy comic.


Annnd that's all. :00 I'll prolly go back tomorrow and draw more stuff.
Sleep. c|;;

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mystery_danjun on March 28th, 2009 03:08 am (UTC)
Woah what does that guy really turn into a dinosaur thingy???

I mean, I heard a buncha crazy stuff happens in the series but I am obviously way behind!!
Cindy: Awesome*Frankyrkpiratedrawer on March 28th, 2009 05:37 am (UTC)
That he does! Although you only get to see a dino silhouette ATM.
xD You'll catch up in time! I know it~ Hahaha.~